B.A. Bellec

Bryan “B.A.” Bellec’s debut novel, Someone’s Story, won the Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Literary Award for 2021 Young Adult Book of the Year (and other honors) with its endearing, soulful take on teen mental health. Around the same time, he also was also awarded a Digital Originals grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to make music. Both Bellec’s novels feature musicians and Bellec takes it one step further by actually producing songs inspired by his books.

Bellec was born in Richmond, BC and raised in Langley, BC, before settling in Winnipeg, MB. His first adventure was a career in Finance, where he spent 15 years developing his business skills. His highest achievement was the Certified Payroll Manager designation. He currently still consults with businesses on their systems and processes. Over that period of time, he also attended Lights Film School where he started to nurture his early creative abilities. 

A self-starter always interested in research, he taught himself many of the aspects of storytelling through reading books, screenplays, and material online. Whenever he found an inspirational piece of art, he quickly went to the source to find the story behind the artist who created the work. It took many years after attending film school for him to finally combine his creative skills with his life experience and tell these stories he had been holding back. Some of his favorite creative people: Lukas Rossi, Justin Furstenfeld, Peter Jackson, Stephen Chbosky, J.K. Rowling, and Stephen King. 

During COVID-19, Bellec started a YouTube channel and he pounded away on the keyboard to bring his second novel, Pulse, from his imagination to the page. If you have any questions reach out to him on social media or email babellec@babellec.com

Bellec is a proud sponsor for the Reader Views Award Program for Indie Authors, and also a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Manitoba Writers’ Guild. He is an advocate for art as a form of expression and supports artists through these various organizations and social media.

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