*****Please be advised I am not an offical partner for either charity here*****

These are two charities in my community that I respect because of their message, but if you are not Canadian, find some local charities in your community. Although I am not an offical partner, I am a spokesperson for mental health awareness and I am open to charitable partnerships so please reach out!

At the core of Someone’s Story is a struggle with mental health. It is silent and it impacts so many of us. Not everyone is lucky enough to find an outlet or get the support they need. Please click below to donate if you enjoyed the journey to get here.

The second charity I want to highlight is The Robb Nash Project. Robb Nash is going around to teenagers everywhere and performing music, while also sharing stories that promote mental health awareness. This is the coolest thing I have seen in some time! Robb you are awesome and keep up the great work!!!

You can donate to Robb Nash here:

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