Someone's Story Viral Virtual Book Tour

Relive the magic.

Take the 7 Day Viral Virtual Book Tour for B.A. Bellec’s Debut Novel, Someone’s Story.

Start by clicking the link for Day 1 to get the pitch and instructions on how to get a FREE copy of the book!

Day 1 – My Book Pitch

Day 2 – Charity

Day 3 – Reviews

Day 4 – Amazing Help

Day 5 – Cool Supplemental Material

Day 6 – You! The Reader!!!

Day 7 – New Music and a Pulse Tease

Bonus Blog #1 – A Mixed Review is a Good Thing?

Bonus Blog #2 – Pump Up Your Book Tour

Bonus Blog #3 – The Strongest Reviews Yet!

Bonus Blog #4 – The First Page of Someone’s Story

Bonus Blog#5 – The Story Behind the Cover of Someone’s Story

Bonus Blog#6 – Major Milestone

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