Someone’s Story by B.A. Bellec

“B. A. Bellec has crafted a masterpiece of emotive and well-rounded young adult fiction.”
K.C. Finn – Author

“The variety of personages, situations, and mental illnesses represented allows all readers to relate to this book and take something away from reading! This novel is on our list of all-time favourites!”
International Girls and Books

“B.A. Bellec has truly created a masterpiece that deserves worldwide recognition, awards and so much more.”
Rebecca Ryan – Reedsy

In his debut endearing coming-of-age book, B.A. Bellec writes about a group of weirdos that find and save each other from the dark depths of their minds. Someone’s Story is literally Someone’s story, as in a first-person narrative of a teenager that calls himself Someone. As he struggles to find a new footing in a new space, we encounter the many ups and downs of modern teenage life, the difficulties that adjusting to adult feelings bring, and a few tear-jerking surprises along the way.

Littered with music, mental health issues, friendship, loss, meditation, advice, pop culture, and even inspiring an EP, there is so much nostalgia, inspiration, and depth here it is hard to absorb it all. Cozy up somewhere warm and enjoy!

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Pulse is coming in 2021!

Fall 2020 – Chapter 1 and 2 Sample

Summer 2020 – Teaser Post and Music Video

Pulse Front Matter Excerpt:

What is business? 

A contract between parties to deliver goods or services. The current business climate is overrun with greed, nepotism, and the continuous growth model is spiraling out of control as the people at the top gain more and more power. New ideas are few and far between. The golden age of technological innovation has passed and the new generation coming up is being forced to find jobs in a climate dominated by ridiculous assumptions from comfortable people deep into their careers. 

What is government? 

The individuals the people elect to represent them. Government has become too influenced by business with lobbying, fundraising, and status taking priority over social issues and environmental disaster prevention. The oligarchy running things won’t relinquish their old way of thinking and is seemingly okay letting a race war break out while a pandemic sweeps the nation and multiple places catch fire both metaphorically and physically. Government has become a giant popularity contest instead of a means for the people to communicate and influence societal needs. 

What is technology? 

The primary tools we use to improve our day-to-day lives. Society is becoming neglectful and narcissistic. This is fueled by the social media marketing world of pitching cool rather than creating practical solutions. Brand influencers and lifestyle bloggers dominate marketing but what are we teaching our youth with this message? Technology has also disconnected us from our surroundings. We have destroyed the roots from just a few generations ago and our social fabric is breaking down. We barely know our neighbors or co-workers and spend most of our time online or watching Netflix, glued to the technology that is supposed to make our lives easier but instead is feeding our addictions. Making matters worse, most people are out of touch with supply chains and have no idea the environmental damage they cause with their lifestyle. They don’t understand waste, they just want the next thing and they want that thing to be as cheap as possible. Child labor, sex trafficking, horrible work conditions, pollution, disease. None of it crosses their minds as long as the next thing is affordable. Ignorance is bliss for a little while, but it will catch up with us one day soon. 

Business, government, and technology have their flaws. Flaws have by-products. 2020 is a wake-up call. COVID-19, social injustices, wildfires, misinformation, and Donald Trump. We, as a society, need to be mindful, respectful, and more balanced. Society needs to demand change for any change to happen. If we continue as we are going, who knows what we will unleash next. Pulse, a work of fiction, could become a reality if we don’t start to pay attention to what others are doing and respect our surroundings. 

B.A. Bellec

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

B.A. Bellec is the proud recipient of a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts!

Download the PDF above and then follow along below for a YouTube reading of one of the chapters accompanied by drawings inspired by the pages!