Creative Journal – June 22, 2020

I am going to get into the habit of posting every Monday to summarize the previous week and then give a new insight or highlight a more developed view on an older post.

To kick off my weekly series, I want to bring to light one of the biggest things I have learned so far. How to research. These are the two strongest resources anyone thinking about trying to publish should look at.

20 Books to 50K:

r/Self Publish:

I consult them multiple times each week.

This week I found myself wondering two things. Should I look at agents again? What is a Blog Tour?

I looked at literary agents in April but didn’t have much of a platform built. Since then I have successfully grown a Twitter account to 5K followers, developed and maintained a website, and run multiple small marketing campaigns. Now that I have a few more months of knowledge, I am thinking about going back to the agents. Here is the link I intend to use:

I had no idea what a Blog Tour was. I have been learning about SEO. My understanding is the Blog Tour is a multi-week blog parade to build backlinks to your platform. It may drive a few of the blog followers to your sales. I am not interested in a physical tour at this time due to COVID-19 and my own desire to be an introvert. The Blog Tour seems like a great alternative and I have been researching PR firms that can organize this for you.

To end every weekly post, I will also summarize my previous week. This is a way for me to look back and reflect more than anything. My own blueprint to follow again and adjust as I learn more.


  • Ran Bookbub and Amazon targeted ads for the first time
  • Rewrote the Amazon Book Description
  • Lowered price point to $2.99
  • Applied for 5 Literary Awards
    • 2020 Living Now Inspirational Fiction
    • 2021 Readers’ Favourite International Book Award for Young Adult Coming of Age
    • 2020 Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition
    • 2021 Morris Award
    • 2021 Printz Award
  • Started to use Instagram more as another way to attract readers
  • Broke the 5,000 Twitter follower wall


  • Started reading It on recommendation from one of my editors
  • I added a few pages of brainstorming notes to Pulse
  • Started my blog

This Week:

  • Look at Literary Agents Again (Last looked in April, a platform wasn’t developed)
  • Look at a PR Company to organize a Blog Tour
  • Continue reading and brainstorming for Pulse
  • Look at pushing for more reviews (promotional giveaway in reward for a review?)

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