Someone's Story Book Tour Day 3 – Reviews

Today we are looking at reviews. Pitching my own work is not something I love to do, so rather than me say it, take a referral from some people who know what a good book looks like!

“Someone’s Story is a mental-health novel done right! Author B.A. Bellec has crafted a masterpiece of emotive and wellrounded young adult fiction, one which holds a mirror up to real life and does not over or underplay life’s many dramas for a moment. As an accurate portrayal of mental health issues and insecurities, readers are sure to take comfort in the close, raw narration which explains how the protagonist feels and deals with uncomfortable situations throughout the tale. Though there’s plenty of serious stuff to unpack, the work is also balanced with funny, touching moments and solid life advice. The accompanying soundtrack really gives a new technological dimension to the reading experience as well, making the book a really immersive experience that is truly unmissable. Overall, I would highly recommend Someone’s Story to teen and adult readers alike: an accomplished and fully rounded reading experience.”

Link to review.

K.C. Finn


K.C. has a massive body of work and when she wrote those words about my novel, it gave me the confidence to start pushing my marketing harder. Thank you K.C.!

There is another review I want to feature. This is one of the first people outside my friends and family to read my book many months ago. Her words touched me and gave me hope when I was doubting myself.

“Oh. My. Goodness! I do try to stay professional in my reviews, but I can’t not fangirl about this book. There is an overwhelming amount of plot twists, deep characters, and complex themes that I devoured in one sitting. Just as I thought things were about to improve for one character, things got worse for three others. Someone’s Story was also very inclusive and all-encompassing because there is very little descript detail in the beginning. Primarily, the protagonist’s name is Someone and his gender is not immediately disclosed, meaning any reader could place themselves into this story. Backing up Someone’s trying times with anxiety and other mental illnesses, nearly every character is struggling behind closed doors, which not only teaches readers a valuable lesson, but broadens the audience because everybody can relate to some aspect of the book. I was heartbroken by how truthful Someone’s Story was yet how perseverant each character stayed despite their inner struggles. I learned a lot from the evident themes, artistic writing style, and climactic last chapters. This is one to remember!”

Emma Katherine

It’s A Novel Life

Humbling words from both of them. So my Day 3 pitch is rather simple. I can’t say it any better myself. Those amazing words from them are my pitch for Day 3. This little Canadian Indie with no background in the industry is trying with all his might to get his book out there and it comes down to you. I can’t do it alone. I am just asking for one or two nights of your time. You won’t be disappointed…trust Emma and KC, download your FREE copy now!


Published by B.A. Bellec

Writer and Producer. Debut novel Someone's Story is available now!

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