Someone’s Story Book Tour Day 7 – New Music and Pulse Book Tease!

Welcome to the last official post of my week-long digital book tour for Someone’s Story, which is still FREE! If you don’t know what I am talking about, head over to post 1 and get my pitch for why you should read my debut novel! Over the next few weeks I will still put tour posts into my blog, but they won’t be scheduled. I think a great way to sell a person on whether they should read my first book is to introduce them to my next book.

Pulse has been bouncing around in my head since film school, 4+ years. This year I finally sat down and wrote most of it. The manuscript sits at 60K words and is currently going through a round of editing before I make the final push!!!

My target release date is April 12, 2021. My birthday, and one year to the day I put my first copy of Someone’s Story online.

What is Pulse?

Well here is a Pulser

That creature is unleashed on a music festival as part of a mistake by a company. The name of that company? Pulse. Set in the year 2040 and inspired by X-Files and Fyre Festival. At the core of the story will be a class struggle combined with corporate greed and bad politics. That creature might be a monster but some of the people in this story are just as bad. As of right now, I am planning this as a two-book arc. The first book will focus on the days before and after the festival, while the second book will be about the new normal after a little guy like that gets set loose. I am pushing myself to do something different. I am changing genres and focusing on action. Someone’s Story was a bit like being put through an emotional washing machine, Pulse will be like being in an elevator that is falling! Fear and survival will dominate this story. Just stop and imagine trying to fight off that creature in the dark of your basement.

COVID-19 impacted my writing greatly. I was already planning a story around a pandemic when a real-life one broke out. I experienced the fear I was trying to capture first-hand. That fear became my everyday life for a few months. Pulse was my way of channelling all the stress and time. My story came to life because of COVID-19, but so many people lost theirs. I hope COVID-19 is eradicated, and I hope we never see anything like this again in our lifetimes.

There is something else I did during our pandemic. What would a B.A. Bellec story be without music? I am so happy to present “Goodbye” by LF to you!

Who is LF?

A fictional DJ I am writing into Pulse as one of my characters. I will produce multiple songs under the LF name over the coming months. This first one is a collaboration between Ambrose Zaldua and myself. I love that my new project pulls a small piece from my old project! We sampled from Lover, which is from Someone’s Story the EP.

When COVID-19 started to take a turn for the worse, the government of Canada announced arts funding to help produce more digital art. My 4 songs for Pulse are all being produced with funding from that grant. It is with great pride that I share this message: We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts!

I can’t wait to bring Pulse into the world. I feel so lucky I get to create music and tell the stories in my head!

Keep those minds sharp and happy reading!


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