Author of the Month October 2020 – K.C. Finn

This month I am starting a new series where I will highlight one author every month. Check out the video above for an awesome feature on K.C. Finn!

My review of Fallow Heart:

For more on K.C. Finn:





My first book is FREE still.

I am currently featured on NetGalley where I have picked up some amazing reviews the last few weeks! 

I just started BookFunnel this month to try and grow partnerships with other authors. The video above on K.C. Finn is an extension of the BookFunnel project and I already have another partnership setup for November!  There are a bunch of free books being promoted with my book here & here.

Pulse, my second novel, is almost done, a few more weeks and then I pitch it. Still looking at an April 2021 release and that could get pushed. Quality is what I am looking for. Also starting to piece together my third book, it is a direct sequel to Pulse. We will see how the next few months go before any dates get attached to the projects. 

I also produce music. I have 5 songs on YouTube already and I am working on a music video for Pulse which will be my biggest video to date. That could be out for December. Check out my channel to see the songs. 

Keep those minds sharp and happy readings! 

B.A. Bellec

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Writer and Producer. Debut novel Someone's Story is available now!

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