2020 Holiday Special

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss

What a crazy year!

I released my first novel right as COVID-19 was starting to spread in Canada. Didn’t think we would still be in lockdown come December but here we are. We all had plans and a vision for what 2020 would look like and it didn’t take long until the reality of the pandemic sank in, changing everything.

At times I can be a little Grinch-like, but part of that story is about evolving into a better person.

What I do know is 2020 made us stronger. So much death and chaos. So much change. We will persevere. We will find a new normal. 2021 is a chance to show how much we all grew. Many of the people in the creative community turned to projects in the safety of their homes to help cope with the restrictions in the outside world. I can’t wait to see some of these projects come out.

Anyone reading this, thank you for coming on the journey with me and my pandemic project, Pulse, is coming soon.

Stay home and stay safe this holiday season!

– B.A. Bellec


Published by B.A. Bellec

Writer and Producer. Debut novel Someone's Story is available now!

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