Calling All Authors!

Do you want to promote your own work and help an indie author/music producer launch his second manuscript?

March 1, 2021 I will be releasing a new song and a new short story. To celebrate I am running a huge promotion.

BookFunnel is a tool to help authors organize promotions. There is an option to get an entire year for $20. If you are interested in linking your mailing list to your account, there are monthly options at different price points. All you have to do is put a sample of something from your body of work up so you can then use the sample to join my group. A short story, a few chapters from your current W.I.P., or a chapter from one of your bestsellers. Anything will do! You are not limited to only one promotion either. I recommend taking it slow and using my promo to learn the ropes, but after that go for it and put your platform out there. For your $20 you get unlimited groups. You could do one every month!

If you are looking for something free, I am also doing a group over on StoryOrigin. I have less experience on that platform, but it seems to work very similar, and has one-on-one newsletter swaps which is a neat addition.

I am putting together a Rafflecopter to go with this. No strings attached. You get free access to that giveaway and loads of other authors will be sharing the link. You can use this as a chance to grow your mailing list, or use it as a chance to give back to the author community by helping some smaller indies gain exposure. Most BookFunnels don’t have a no strings attached prize like that linked into them. At the very least, all your friends and family can enter for a chance to win some prizes.

Every single click counts! Many thanks!

If you know nothing about me, come check this out:

To get on BookFunnel follow this link:

Subscribe to the $20/YR plan

In the book section on the left, add a new book. You can upload anything here ranging from a few page PDF to an entire eReader formatted novel:

Then join my group: You do that by going to, clicking the option in the top right corner, and adding the book/sample you just uploaded.

Once you join the group, you get a unique link.

Screenshot of the author dashboard showing the tracking link at the top of the promo. Only visible after you have joined a promo.

Use that link starting on March 1 in your blog and on social media. Share it a few times every day to increase exposure. You can’t share the link until March 1 though.

Also don’t forget to hop over to social media and comment/share on my BookFunnel posts! They are live now!




Send your friends over to my blog and social media so they stay in the loop. There will be hundreds of dollars in prizes, a free short story, and a new song coming out. Plus you will get to see tons of new authors!

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Writer and Producer. Debut novel Someone's Story is available now!

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