October – K.C. Finn & More!

About a year ago I started making BookTube videos and what a year it has been!

The four books in this photo are extra special to me because they were some of the first books I read for the channel. All these authors were super important in helping me grow Pulse.

J.P. Jackson – Magic or Die
K.C. Finn – Fallow Heart
Jessica Scurlock – Pretty Lies
Tara A. Lake – Age of the Almek

So to celebrate a year making videos, I am covering K.C. Finn again and the new video on her novel The Mind’s Eye went live today!

I also want to give a tease on next month’s video because it is connected to the book buddies photo. Right now I am reading an ARC of Jessica’s Scurlock’s second novel Counter Ops, and so far it has been amazing. Congrats on getting your second novel finished Jessica!

Did you know I was a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Young Adult Book of the Year Contest? This is tied to K.C. Finn because before we had ever connected, she was the author who reviewed my book for that contest. Thanks for the kind words K.C.!

The final version of Pulse will be available by the end of the month as a digital ARC and the physical books will be ready for December 1st. We are getting real close!


B.A. Bellec


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