Someone’s Story Book Tour Day 6 – You!

Today’s message is to all my past, present, and future readers: I am so thankful whenever a person gives me a few hours of their time. Time is so valuable. If you pick Someone’s Story up for free and have a good time, give me a follow on all my platforms, give me a Goodreads review, and then go donate some money to a mental health charity.

Here are all the people who helped bring my platform to life over the last few weeks!


That early review is what I used to pitch Someone’s Story to all the phase 2 reviewers. You helped launch my platform. Stay awesome!


Your review has been a staple of my phase 2 marketing. Can’t thank you enough. People go give one of her books a buy! Please! If you picked up a free copy of my book, give KC something!


Taught me a ton about Instagram. Thanks for those notes. This week-long tour I am doing now was heavily influenced by you! Plus did a wicked-fun interview with me!


Your post is the most influential to date. Really pushed my followers forward. Thanks for the exposure and so glad we connected! Also taught me a few things about Instagram.


You were the first BookTuber to feature my book! That is pretty neat! Thanks!


Did an Instagram story on me when I was just breaking into the #bookstagram community.


One of the early phase 2 readers! Took a chance on me and got one of the first #bookstagram posts out!


Did an interview with me and was super quick to respond. Great partner!


My first Canadian review partner! Took an early chance on me and added my book to her stack when my social platform was still blossoming. Her review isn’t up yet but I am just so thankful a Canadian found me. Stay strong Canada and support each other!


Put up an early review, helped me proofread the final copy, walked me through the early social. Even designed a few of my posts! Amazing!


Just posted her review Thursday. You are one of the people who found me through all work of these people above. Let’s hope the next wave of reviews comes and is gigantic!

Below I have two more shoutouts because I am about to feature brand new work from both of them tomorrow!


Love your drawings! They give my writing more depths! Thanks for working with me!


You are a beast of a collaborator! Can’t wait to share what we did together! The video below wasn’t part of our project but I am so proud to be releasing our song just a few days removed from this awesome song!

Tune in Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the tour I am hosting through my blog. I hope to continue the tour by visiting a bunch of people online in the coming weeks through their platforms.

What a week! Between getting awarded a grant last night and then doing this rather reflective post, it puts my last few months of work into perspective. I can’t wait to release my Pulse teaser tomorrow!

Keep those minds sharp and happy reading!


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